Fighting for Rankin in new parliament

09 Sep 2016

Wherever I go, I like to talk up our local area - the sense of service and selflessness in our community, the many cultures and the hard work people do to provide for their families.

But I also take with me the concerns our community has about the things they want to see the Government do better.

The same was true when I returned to Canberra last week for the first sitting of parliament since the election.

I was reminded of the thousands of conversations I had during the campaign and in my first term as your local member - from people who were fed up with the Abbott and Turnbull governments forgetting about them.

I thought of the countless locals who were worried about cuts to Medicare, who wanted to ensure we received our fair share of M1 funding and who were concerned the Government wouldn't give our schools and hospitals the funding they deserved.

Bill Shorten proved during the first week of parliament that Labor would stand up for ordinary Australians and not for those with vested interests.

All Malcolm Turnbull proved was that he didn't want to challenge the big banks and didn't know how to get the budget in order.

It's little wonder, given he wants a $50 billion tax cut for big business.

As part of the Opposition team, I'll continue to fight for Medicare.

I won't give up on a royal commission into the banks.

And I'll ensure the most vulnerable people in our community aren't forgotten while the budget is being fixed.

As your voice in parliament, I'll continue to make sure you're heard.

First published in The Logan Reporter on 7 September 2016.

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