Lessons from adult learners

22 Sep 2016

It was a privilege to celebrate and applaud a group of inspiring students at Griffith University's Adult Learners' Week celebrations.

The group we recognised at Griffith's Logan campus recently is proof that not everybody's pathway is the same.

Some had overcome extreme financial hardship, caring responsibilities, language difficulties, mental health issues or violence.

Some endured a combination of these challenges.

Now they're on their way to being scientists, engineers, IT professionals, social workers and authors.

Korpo Kormon shared an inspiring story. A mother of four, who migrated from Liberia, she had to start again after her accounting qualifications weren't recognised here.

Although returning to study meant she'd have less time to spend with her children and more financial pressures, she knew her sacrifice would be worth it in the long run.

Every single person has the right to be ambitious.

It's ambition that leads people to read late into the night when their eyelids are getting heavy, or to set an alarm especially early.

It's ambition that gets people onto the bus, or multiple buses, to get to a course and to keep showing up.

It's outstanding partners like our TAFEs and colleges, and our community groups, which give structure to that ambition.

Griffith University is especially good at awakening that ambition.

So well done Di Mahoney and her team for showing us yet again just how much we have to learn from these students in Adult Learners' Week.

First published in The Logan Reporter on 23 September 2016.

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