More Budget humiliation for sidelined ScoMo

14 Apr 2017

While most of Australia clocks off for the long weekend, the ongoing humiliation for the Treasurer is only gathering pace.


It was already embarrassing enough for Scott Morrison that Malcolm Turnbull didn’t trust him enough to talk about the Budget.


This is another ego-crushing attack on the Treasurer’s credibility, compounded by the Prime Minister now insisting he get Peter Dutton’s tick of approval on housing affordability measures.


This extraordinarily lack of confidence in the Treasurer less than a month out from the Budget shows the Liberals are in complete disarray.


Tensions between Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull and others have reached such heights that their colleagues are openly highlighting the obvious unrest in the Coalition’s upper ranks.


If only the Liberals spent less time bickering and briefing against each other and more time working together to address the housing affordability crisis and repair the Budget.


Perhaps then we wouldn’t have seen the deficit triple, net debt blow out by $100 billion for this year and the AAA credit rating at risk on their watch.


Sensible policy decisions and working together for the interests of the nation is probably too much to ask of a Government that’s become defined by chaos, dysfunction and division.

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