Labor’s Your Child. Our Future represents the most significant improvement in schools and education in Australia for two generations. 


Improving education is the key to opportunity, to innovation and to the future economic and social prosperity of our nation

As a father, and as a member of the Labor team, I am incredibly proud that the centrepiece of a future Shorten Labor Government is a $36 billion investment to properly fund schools and give every child a genuine chance of getting a good education, and setting them up for life. 

As part of Your Child. Our Future, the Gonski funding and reforms will be delivered on-time and in-full – and the Turnbull Government’s cuts will be reversed.

This $36 billion investment will see every child in every school funded on the basis of need.

In Rankin alone, it will see $230 million go into our local schools.

Your Child. Our Future will drive reforms that improve teaching and learning – securing Australia’s long-term economic future and giving students the basic skills they need for the jobs of the future.

This funding is not a blank cheque – it comes with strict obligations and benchmarks on systems, schools and teachers, so that parents can track improvements in their children’s learning.

Additional school funding is an investment, and we want to see the best possible return for every student, and as a country.

Labor is putting education at the centre of our positive program for government. 

For the Prime Minister to talk about innovation while he is cutting funding to schools, TAFE and universities is just that – nothing but talk.

Labor’s education plan will drive innovation and opportunity by improving education outcomes for all Australian students. 

For more information please read our positive plan for our chldren's education here.