Fix Our Hospitals

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government is ripping $715 million from Australia’s public hospitals, including $6.1 million from Logan Hospital and $3.1 million at QEII Hospital.


The cut to Logan Hospital alone is equivalent to:

-          9,159 emergency department visits; or

-          1,694 cataract surgeries; or

-          234 knee replacements; or

-          33,990 outpatient appointments.


Doctors, nurses and other hospital staff at Logan Hospital, QEII and elsewhere are already overstretched – and the Liberals’ cuts will only make things worse.


The Liberals wanted to give the big banks a $17 billion tax handout but apparently they can’t even find a fraction of that money to properly fund our hospitals.


Under the Liberals, elective surgery waiting times are the worst they’ve been since records began.


Patients are being left in emergency departments for longer, with only 66 per cent seen within the recommended 30 minutes.


And more than half of all public hospital doctors are working unsafe hours that put them at significant risk of fatigue.


Despite all this, Scott Morrison and the Liberals are still putting health and hospitals last.


That says everything about their twisted priorities.

Every dollar cut from our public hospitals is a dollar cut from our sickest and most vulnerable patients.

Access to health care should be determined by your Medicare card – not your credit card.


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