The Local Legends Awards, now in their fourth year, are a great way to recognise those who make an outstanding contribution to our local area.

As your Federal MP, I am frequently amazed by the selfless acts which help make ours a community which looks out for each other and looks after each other. 

These awards are all about acknowledging and celebrating the people who enhance our quality of life by dedicating their skills, enthusiasm and energy in a diverse range of causes right around our electorate.

The nominee's contribution to our area could be as diverse as, but not limited to:

- volunteering in our community over a substantial period of time;

- involvement in youth activities;

- preservation and protection of the environment;

- innovation and expertise in business;

- service to the arts, sport, culture or education; or

- those working with the aged or people with a disability.



Nominations for 2018 are now open until 22 December 2017.



You can find the online nomination form here.


Print and send

You can find the printable nomination form here.

Please fill out and return via email to jim.chalmers.mp@aph.gov.au, drop it into my office at Logan Central Plaza, or mail to:


PO Box 349

Woodridge Queensland 4114


Recipients will be announced in early January, and will be recognised at a community ceremony on 23 January.