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Time for M1 action

July 29, 2016

ONE of the issues raised with me most often during the election was the need to tackle congestion on the M1, the busiest road in our community and in this state.

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Thank you

July 15, 2016

During the course of the election campaign, I really appreciated the opportunity to speak to, and listen to, thousands of people in our local community.

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Vote Labor to save Medicare

July 01, 2016

Amidst all the election advertising and political back-and-forth we should never forget the election on Saturday is all about you, your loved ones, our community and our country.

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Liberals' M1 announcement short-changes Logan

June 22, 2016

The Turnbull Government's announcement about the M1 today short-changes Logan, underfunds the project and doesn't even guarantee it will go ahead.

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Local jobs not LNP Cuts

June 17, 2016

Having grown up in our community and living most of my life here, I know how pressing the need is for good local jobs, and that means a thriving local economy.

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Medicine more expensive under the LNP

June 03, 2016

For thousands in our community, essential medicine is a vital, substantial and unavoidable part of the weekly budget.

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