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Turnbull Budget for big business not battlers

May 20, 2016

So many people in our community are angry that the centrepiece of the Budget that Malcolm Turnbull is taking to the election is a $50 billion tax cut for big multinational companies paid for by slashing funding for local families and pensioners and your hospitals and schools.

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M1 bottleneck for commuters

May 06, 2016

On Tuesday night for the third budget in a row, the Abbott-Turnbull Govermnent has failed to allocate a single cent to easing congestion on the M1.

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Schools make worthy investment

April 22, 2016

One of the main reasons I got involved in politics was to make a difference to our local schools so that we give young poeple their best chance of success. 

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Help us protect Medicare

April 08, 2016

In recent weeks at train stations and bus stops, corner stores and markets, and on door steps, it seems most people want to talk about health, hospitals and the future of Medicare.

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Watching out for each other

March 23, 2016

Last Sunday, I was pleased to join Cameron Dick and Jon Raven to cook some snags at the Marsden Neighbourhood Watch Easter barbecue for local residents. 

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Cost of living increasing

March 11, 2016

A hot topic at my regular mobile offices over the weekend was the rising cost of living for local people.

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