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ALP's tax ideas

March 21, 2018

LOGAN residents are sometimes surprised to hear the deficit has blown out eightfold and debt has reached record levels and is growing under the federal Liberals.


Tax cuts for multinationals and millionaires are part of the problem.


The Labor Party has Budget strategies such as addressing tax loopholes, whether by reforming negative gearing, capital gains tax, and family trusts, or putting a cap on how much people can claim to manage their tax affairs.


It is our proposal to change how some people can receive cash refunds for tax they didn't pay in the first place. Under our changes, no-one will lose a cent from super contributions, or from their pensions, and no-one will lose a cent from their share dividends.


Only a fraction of our community will be impacted.


I want to assure people I am listening.


The national Budget will benefit from tens of billions of dollars no longer being sent to the least needy.


This article first appeared in the Albert & Logan News on 21 March 2018.