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Health insurance hike

February 07, 2018

WITH so many people in our community already struggling from the rising cost of living, it's frustrating to see private health insurance premiums going up again.


That's why it's so pleasing to see Bill Shorten announce this week that a Labor government would cap premium increases at 2 per cent for two years. About 12,700 families in Rankin and about 11,450 in Forde would save an average of $340, shifting the balance back in the interests of families rather than insurers. As it stands, health insurance premiums will rise by 3.95 per cent from April. Since the Turnbull Government came to office, premiums have gone up, on average, by $1000 per family.


The premium hikes come on top of penalty rate cuts for our lowest-paid workers and tax hikes for low- and middle-income earners, at the same time as cuts to multinationals.


This article first appeared in the Albert & Logan News on 7 February 2018.