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Labor can revitalise local jobs

February 09, 2017

When I'm out and about in our community, there's one issue that's raised with me more than any other: jobs.

For some, it's concern about struggling to find work for themselves or their partner.

For many parents, it's worrying about whether their children will find employment or be able to get the skills or training they need.

That's why it's so important we have our vocational education and training system right and that we support our apprentices.

It's also why I was so pleased Bill Shorten recently announced that, under a Labor government, one in 10 jobs on a priority infrastructure project would be filled by an Australian apprentice.

Bill's announcement is welcome news for our local community when you consider that, since the Liberals came to power, we've lost about 1000 apprenticeships in my electorate of Rankin and about 500 next door in Forde.

Across the country, 128,000 apprenticeships have been shed on the Liberals' watch.

Of course, it's hardly surprising given we have a Turnbull Government that has ripped $2.5 billion out of the skills and training budget.

What we need to do, and what Labor will do, is to put TAFE and schools-based training back at the centre of our training system.

That will not only help our young people find work but also help train or retrain older people in our local area who have lost their jobs or are looking for work.

We're kicking off our renewed focus on jobs with a National Skills Summit, which will look at the best ideas from around the world to build the best system for our future.

First published in The Logan Reporter on 10 February 2017.