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Tax reform must be fair

March 07, 2018

SO many know what it's like to work hard but struggle to make ends meet. It's understandable they are upset about the government's decision to give a $65 billion tax cut to big businesses and multinationals. The Liberals want to take money that could be spent on schools, hospitals, the budget, or easing cost-of-living pressures and give it to big business in the form of a tax cut.


On top of that, the Liberals also want to jack up income taxes by $44 billion on everyone earning more than $21,000, including seven million low- and middle-income earners. It means someone in Logan earning $70,000 will have $350 less in their pocket each year.


Labor announced changes to negative gearing and capital gains taxes, to help make housing more affordable for first-home owners. We've also announced changes to the way superannuation and family trusts are taxed.


This article first appeared in the Albert & Logan News on 7 March 2018.