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Arrogant Liberals lock in Costello's job without consultation

November 12, 2018

By reappointing Peter Costello as chair of the Future Fund, the Liberals have shown yet again they’re more focused on their jobs for mates than on jobs and wages for Australians.
The Liberals have made this decision just before an election without any consultation with the Opposition despite there still being three months until Mr Costello’s term was due to expire.
Labor has repeatedly warned that it would be entirely inappropriate for the Morrison Government to make a decision on the position before the election without consulting the Opposition.
When wages are stagnating and debt has doubled on their watch, it’s disappointing but not surprising that the Liberals’ biggest priority five minutes before the election is to lock another Liberal into a high-paying position.
The Future Fund is a really important role, and the appointment of its chairperson deserves proper consideration.
Making this decision without consultation is not only poor form, but another example of how arrogant and out of touch the Liberals are.
This comes after the now Prime Minister appointed his former Chief-of-Staff Phil Gaetjens as Secretary of Treasury continuing the Liberal Party’s politicisation of the Treasury.