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Liberals hiding high-income tax cuts for 23 days and counting

May 07, 2019

It’s been 23 days since Mathias Cormann promised to come clean over whether the Liberals would give a $77 billion tax cut to the country’s highest income earners – and if not, exactly how much they’re getting. 

After repeatedly dodging the question, the Finance Minister told David Speers on 14 April: 

“Well, in dollar terms I’m happy to provide you with further detail…” 

(Mathias Cormann, Speers on Sunday, 14 April 2019) 

Australians are still waiting to find out just how much the Liberals are giving to the top end of town in the form of a multi-billion dollar tax cut; and what else they’ll cut from schools, hospitals and essential services to pay for it. 

Since Cormann made his promise under pressure to come clean and ‘fess up, a cavalcade of Liberal Ministers have joined him in ducking and weaving the question: 

  • Liberal Campaign Spokesperson Simon Birmingham was asked about the $77 billion figure 10 times in a row and refused to answer. 
  • Scott Morrison has repeatedly attacked the modelling without pitching up his own number. 
  • Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was left humiliated during the National Press Club debate, claiming a figure “hasn’t been specifically set apart”. 

It’s time for the Liberals to do what they promised to do 23 days ago – come clean and admit they’re spending $77 billion on tax cuts for the top end of town. 

We need real change – because more of the same isn’t good enough. 

End the chaos.  Vote for change.  Vote for Labor.