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Morrison and McCormack's One Nation deal means more chaos

April 27, 2019

Scott Morrison and his partner-in-cuts Michael McCormack have done a secret deal with One Nation that will mean more LNP cuts and chaos in Canberra.  
The Australian reports this morning that the Nationals will give their preferences to One Nation “in defiance of Scott Morrison’s edict” – including in LNP seats in Queensland.  
This is further proof that a vote for One Nation is a vote for the LNP and a vote for the LNP is a vote for One Nation.  
The Liberals and Nationals bring the cuts, and One Nation brings the chaos.  
This is a sneaky and grubby secret deal from Scott Morrison – pretending he isn’t giving preferences to One Nation while letting dozens of Coalition candidates across the country prop them up.  
This includes the One Nation candidate in the Hunter electorate who said, “the only thing worse than a gay person with power is a woman” and thinks the Port Arthur massacre was a conspiracy. 
John Howard put One Nation last. Tim Fischer put One Nation last. Why won’t Scott Morrison or Michael McCormack? 
If Scott Morrison had any integrity or authority, he’d order Michael McCormack to put One Nation and far right-wing parties like them last on the ballot paper – not hide behind sneaky deals like this.  
One Nation already votes with the LNP nearly 90 per cent of the time in Canberra – to cut schools and hospitals and give handouts to the top end of town. 
Scott Morrison is so desperate, he’ll do and say anything – including inflict more chaos on the Australian people.