Nine News 11/4/19

April 11, 2019

SUBJECT/S: 2019 election and Queensland
JOURNALIST: Why is Queensland so important in this election?
JIM CHALMERS, SHADOW MINISTER FOR FINANCE: This is a really important election for Queensland. Queenslanders have a big choice to make between a fair go for Queensland under Labor, or more of the cuts and chaos that we've seen from the LNP the last six years. It's an opportunity for Queenslanders to send a message to Scott Morrison that they don't like his cuts to hospitals and schools and TAFEs and pensions and penalty rates. And it's an opportunity to put into office a Labor Government which cares deeply about Queensland and Queenslanders. 
JOURNALIST: So what are the main issues? Cuts to penalty rates, hospitals?
CHALMERS: The main issues here in Queensland are Scott Morrison's cuts to hospitals and schools and TAFEs and universities and penalty rates and pensions. Bill Shorten has been to Queensland for 100 days since the last election alone. And the message that he heard right around our State is that the economy is not working for working people. Everything seems to be going up except for people's wages. And this election is an opportunity for Queenslanders to send a message that they don't want the stagnant wages; they don't want Scott Morrison's cuts to hospitals and schools. And what they get if they vote for Labor is that Labor will restore the $160 million that Scott Morrison pulled out of our hospitals, Labor will invest $647 million in our schools, and we'll give Queenslanders the representation that they need and deserve in Canberra.
JOURNALIST: Will there be any focus on seats up north? Herbert? Only 37 votes in it.
CHALMERS: Queensland will be absolutely crucial to the election outcome. There are a lot of very closely contested seats right around Queensland. In Brisbane in the southeast corner, and right up and down the coast. Cathy O'Toole has been a remarkable champion for the people of Townsville and for north Queensland. Nobody could work harder for the people of Townsville and north Queensland than Cathy O'Toole. So we're giving ourselves every chance in Herbert. We're certainly contesting vigorously seats right around Queensland, including Forde and Petrie, Dickson of course. A whole range of seats right around our State.