Government declares on-time payment of super "Red Tape"

12 November 2015

Buried in The Red Tape Repeal Day legislation introduced by the Assistant Treasurer today is a measure which winds back the penalties for employers which fail to correctly pay super to their employees on time.

It says it all about this Government that among its highest priorities in the super system is making it easier to dodge super guarantee obligations.

It speaks volumes about the Assistant Treasurer’s approach to working people that she considers fair payment of super to be red tape to be discarded with the commas and hyphens of the Government’s Repeal Day agenda.

Many people are affected each year by the late payment or non-payment of their superannuation guarantee payments, with the Australian National Audit Office finding in 2015 that up to twenty per cent of employers could be failing to meet their superannuation guarantee obligations.

Unlike the Government, Labor doesn’t believe that receiving fair super on time amounts to “red tape”.

Australian workers deserve to be paid superannuation contributions correctly and on time.