SKY News Afternoon Agenda 26/07/21

26 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Legislated income tax cuts; negative gearing; Scott Morrison’s failures on vaccine and quarantine; Labor’s policy agenda; JobKeeper.

Logan Central Doorstop 22/7/21

22 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games; Scott Morrison’s failures on vaccines, quarantine and JobKeeper costing the economy $300 million a day; PM takes credit but not responsibility.

Today Show 22/7/21

22 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Brisbane 2032 Olympic Games; Scott Morrison takes credit but doesn’t take responsibility; Scott Morrison’s failures on vaccines, quarantine and cutting JobKeeper.

Australia Today 21/7/21

21 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Scott Morrison hiding while Australians are hurting; Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg's decision to end JobKeeper looking dumber by the day.

ABC Capricornia 20/07/21

20 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Central Queensland; Russell Robertson and Shane Hamilton fighting for same pay for same work; Mining and resources industry; Climate change; Income tax cuts; Scott Morrison’s Sydney and Victoria lockdown; Support for fellow Australians doing it tough.

4RO Rockhampton 20/7/21

20 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Central Queensland roadtrip; A future made in Australia; Rockhampton train manufacturing; Labor’s Full Employment White Paper; Russell Robertson, Shane Hamilton, Matt Burnett; Labor’s commitment to same job, same pay.

SKY Afternoon Agenda 20/7/21

20 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Australia's two-speed economy; regional Queensland tour; Morrison Government's failures on vaccines and quarantine has costs and consequences for the economy; JobKeeper. 

Rockhampton Doorstop 20/7/21

20 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Two-speed economy; Morrison’s failures on vaccines putting the economy and recovery at risk; Central Queensland industries; Future made in Australia.

Mackay Doorstop 19/07/21

19 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Mining and regional Queensland; Lockdowns; JobKeeper; Newspoll; Katie Hopkins; George Christensen.

RN Breakfast 14/7/21

14 July 2021

SUBJECTS: Scott Morrison hiding while Australians were hurting; PM more interested in avoiding blame than avoiding job losses; Morrison Government spending $500 million a week but unable to guarantee locked-down workers will keep their jobs; Income tax.