RN Drive 16/12/21

16 December 2021

SUBJECTS: MYEFO; Secret rorts before the election and secret cuts to the Budget after the election; The Morrison Government silent on costs of living but doubling-down on rorts and waste; Booster vaccines.

Logan Doorstop 15/12/21

15 December 2021

SUBJECTS: MYEFO; The only way to end the Morrison Government’s rorts is to end the Morrison Government; ACCC Chairperson; Scott Morrison bags Queensland for two years now wants to take credit for what’s been achieved here; Scott Morrison campaigning in Brisbane and Ryan; Pensioner Loan Scheme; Costs of living skyrocketing as real wages go backwards.

Today Show 13/12/21

13 December 2021

SUBJECTS: The big reunion as Queensland’s borders reopen; Vaccine protests; Anthony Albanese in Queensland; Queensland and the election; MYEFO; Josh Frydenberg always takes the credit but never takes responsibility.

SKY AM Agenda 13/12/21

13 December 2021

SUBJECTS: The big reunion as Queensland’s borders reopen; Health advice and borders; Australia suffered its third biggest economic contraction in the September quarter due to the Morrison Government’s incompetence; Costs of living skyrocketing while real wages go backwards; Insecure work a cancer in the economy; Small business loans.    

101FM Logan 8/12/21

08 December 2021

SUBJECTS: Labor’s Electric Car Discount; Manufacturing; Labor’s Powering Australia plan; The Ashes.

SKY Afternoon Agenda 7/12/21

07 December 2021

SUBJECTS: Economy and the election; Queensland border reopening; A Budget full or rorts and waste; Morrison Government chock-full of whack jobs compromising public health; The only way to end this madness is to end this Government.

ABC Brisbane Drive 6/12/21

06 December 2021

SUBJECTS: Christmas cards; Home quarantine; Labor’s Powering Australia plan; Labor’s Electric Car Discount.

Parliament House Doorstop 2/12/21

02 December 2021

SUBJECTS: Morrison Government finishes the year like a clapped-out clown car; Horror year for Australians and their economy; National Accounts; Religious Discrimination legislation; Voter-suppression legislation; Final sitting day of parliament.

ABC News Breakfast 2/12/21

02 December 2021

SUBJECTS: Third-largest quarterly contraction since records began; The downturn we didn’t have to have; OECD downgrades Australian growth and calls for better quality spending and a proper plan for climate change; Government dumps American-style voter-suppression laws; Labor welcomes an election fought on costs of living, falling real wages and the economy.

ABC Canberra Breakfast 2/12/21

02 December 2021

SUBJECTS: National accounts; Costs of living; JobSeeker; House Prices; Climate policy; Voter ID laws; Charities.