Canberra Doorstop 04/02/21

04 February 2021

SUBJECTS: Second anniversary of the Banking Royal Commission final report; Government’s failure to implement two-thirds of the Royal Commission’s implementation; JobKeeper cuts; Government’s Industrial Relations changes will make job insecurity and stagnant wages worse; Caps Lock Craig and the Prime Minister; RBA Governor’s call to permanently increase JobSeeker; Media Ownership Laws.

RN Breakfast 04/02/21

04 February 2021

SUBJECTS: RBA Governor’s National Press Club speech; Unemployment, underemployment and wages the defining challenges in the recovery; Government’s Industrial Relations laws making stagnant wages and job insecurity worse, not better; JobKeeper cuts; Labor leadership.

Sky News AM Agenda 03/02/21

03 February 2021

SUBJECTS: Patchy economic recovery leaving workers and sectors behind; JobKeeper being withdrawn from communities and sectors still struggling; Government’s failure to deliver on economic announcements; Secure jobs; Cuts to pay and superannuation; Election date speculation.

Canberra Doorstop 01/02/21

01 February 2021

SUBJECTS: COVID in WA; Craig Kelly; Vaccination program; PM at press Club; Debt and waste; Jobkeeper and JobSeeker; Executive bonuses; Net zero emissions; Myanmar; James Shipton and ASIC; Media code; Aged care; Health advice.

Logan Doorstop 29/01/21

29 January 2021

SUBJECTS: JobKeeper payments to dead people; JobKeeper support for tourism and other effected industries; Premier Palaszczuk and Peter Dutton; International border closures; Jobs and Wages; Shadow Ministry.

Sky News Afternoon Agenda 27/01/21

27 January 2021

SUBJECTS: World Economic Outlook Update warns of ‘exceptional uncertainty’; Australia’s patchy economic recovery; JobKeeper cuts to hurt struggling sectors; Coalition’s 22 energy policies adding to market uncertainty; Lack of commitment to net zero emissions risking jobs and trade relationships; Deteriorating relations with China.

ABC Brisbane Drive 25/01/21

25 January 2021

SUBJECTS: Return of Parliament; Australia Day; Federal Labor’s Policy Agenda; Anthony Albanese.

ABC Brisbane Drive 18/01/21

18 January 2021

SUBJECTS: Australia Day; Paul Keating

Logan Doorstop 18/01/21

18 January 2021

SUBJECTS: Paul Keating; Tropical Cyclone Kimi; Deloitte Business Outlook; Wages forecasts; Australian Open and Quarantine Arrangements; Repatriation Flights; Next Census.

ABC Radio National 14/01/21

14 January 2021

SUBJECTS: Economic recovery; Household savings; JobKeeper; Wages; Superannuation; Foreign Investment.