Government super chaos boils over

20 July 2016

Less than twenty-four hours after the new Turnbull Government was sworn in, the division and dysfunction in the Coalition’s superannuation policy has ramped up a notch.

George Christensen’s public announcement today of his opposition to the Government’s superannuation policy provides a glimpse into the civil war in the Coalition on issues of fundamental economic policy-making.

Whether it’s George Christensen’s strong opposition, Eric Abetz’s calls for “recalibration” of the policy, Julie Bishop’s inability to explain the changes or the sniping and backgrounding playing out in the papers, this Government is all at sea when it comes to superannuation reform.

Before the election, Mr Turnbull said he was “proud of these changes” and that they were “iron clad”. Now he doesn’t even know how many of his own MPs will vote against his policy.

Labor has been clear – we believe the Government should commit to an independent, expert review of their changes, to consider what effects their retrospective measures will have, how they interact with each other and what effect they will have on confidence in the superannuation system.

Clearly, the Liberals have made a monumental mess of superannuation, and this continuing chaos puts the integrity of our system at risk.