Not a peep out of PM about the M1

10 May 2016

Malcolm Turnbull is so out of touch with our local area that he has again failed to commit to fixing the M1, during a visit to Forde today.

This confirms what we already knew, that the LNP couldn’t care less about our local community and the families and business wasting time in traffic.

Not a cent was allocated to the M1 through Logan in any of the three Abbott-Turnbull budgets, and now not a peep about it in his stage-managed press conference.

This failure shows just how hopeless and hapless Bert van Manen, the LNP Member for Forde, has been in securing funding or standing up for our area.

In contrast, a Shorten Labor Government will invest $168 million towards easing congestion on the southbound M1-Gateway merge by building additional lanes between Eight Mile Plains and Springwood.

Labor’s funding would be topped-up by a $42 million investment from the Queensland Labor Government.

In three years of Government, Malcolm Turnbull, Bert Van Manen and the LNP have talked a big game on the M1 but are yet to contribute a single cent.

Any belated and cynical promise later in the campaign will be seen in the light of an LNP Government which has had three years to act, but did nothing until their own jobs were at risk.

This shows that the LNP simply does not understand the stress the M1 gridlock places on local families and businesses.

Only a vote for Labor will see real action on the M1 because Labor will put people in the Brisbane-Logan-Gold Coast corridor first.