Omni-shambles - Morrison blames Treasury

31 August 2016

After weeks of claiming – including in the Parliament - that the Government’s Omnibus Savings Bill would include over $6 billion in savings, the Treasurer has been forced by Labor into a humiliating back down, admitting that there’s actually less than $6 billion in savings.

The Treasurer said in Question Time that:

“The Bill that we put forward in this house today has more than $6 billion worth of expenditure savings. That is what it says.”

The Treasurer clearly misled the House and then came back into the House to clarify, tabling the ‘correction’ to the explanatory memorandum below. 


He then forced the acting Secretary of the Treasury to release a statement saying the wrong numbers were due to a “computational error”.

If Labor found this error in two days, why couldn’t he find it in two weeks? No wonder the Budget is in such a mess.

Labor is fully justified in taking its time, now it has received the Omnibus Bill, to work through the details.