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Cormann and Fifield reach new depths of NBN delusion

November 19, 2018

 Mathias Cormann and Mitch Fifield, the infamous backers of Peter Dutton, today gave another out-of-touch assessment of their second-rate NBN and stated:
“Shareholder Ministers welcomed the results which confirm the company’s solid performance across all metrics
Of course, we wouldn’t expect either of these two dynamic number crunchers to be drawing any attention to the inconvenient “metrics” below:

The Coalition’s NBN is in such a mess that even after 5 years in the job Minister Cormann still hasn’t found anyone willing to lend NBNCo money on acceptable terms.
All the while New Zealand, the US and the UK have reduced the cost of deploying Fibre to the Premises by between 40 and 50 per cent.
The backers of Peter Dutton should at least have the humility to accept their failures and get on with the job of addressing them – rather than trying to spin results that are at odds with the reality of their second-rate NBN.