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Fact check: Fifield and Cormann delusional on NBN targets claim

February 18, 2019

If Mitch Fifield and Mathias Cormann were not sufficiently deluded in backing Peter Dutton for PM, they today made the ridiculous claim that NBNCo was continuing to exceed its targets!  
Here is how the Liberals and NBNCo are actually tracking against the targets in the first NBN Corporate Plan issued after the 2016 election:


Post-election target for FY19

Half year result for FY19


Revenue (FY19)

$3.7 billion

$1.3 billion

Will fail to meet target


$52 by FY20


Will fail to meet target

Activations (FY19)

2.4m premises

0.6m premises

Will fail to meet target


2.6m premises

1.1m premises

Will fail to meet target

HFC Activations

1.5m premises

0.5m premises

Will fail to meet target

And this is how the Liberals are tracking against the targets in their 2013 NBN Election policy:


Coalition Promise

Current forecast

Exceeding targets?

Rollout cost

$29.5 billion

$50.9 billion

$21.4 billion over budget

Rollout timeframe

2016 Completion

2020 Completion

4 years behind schedule

It appears the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government is hoping no one notices their NBN “targets” get changed every year because the previous “targets” have been missed.
Not only is the claim by Shareholder Ministers that NBNCo continues to “exceed targets” false, but it disrespects the intelligence of the Australian public.
While the Liberals continue to spin, too many consumers are being let down with missed appointments, dodgy HFC installations, and limited speeds over their copper service.