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Five years since the 2014 Budget and Australia has never recovered

May 13, 2019

Today marks the five year anniversary of the Liberals’ 2014 Budget – locking in two terms of savage cuts and attacks to schools, hospitals, pensions and essential services.

Australia has never recovered from the Liberals’ 2014 Budget.

Australians won’t forget the 2014 Budget – the Liberals’ broken promises and the destruction it inflicted on services.

The day before the 2013 election, the Liberals promised "no cuts to education, no cuts to health, no change to pensions, no change to the GST and no cuts to the ABC or SBS".

Then the Liberals smashed that promise by making unfair cuts to working and middle class Australians.

In 2014 they tried to introduce a GP Tax that would have slugged patients with a $7 fee every time they went to the doctor.

New analysis shows that if the Liberals had got their way, their $7 GP Tax would have cost a family of four around $700 in out of pocket costs over the last four years.

This would have been a $3 billion tax on Australians going to the doctor.

Scott Morrison voted to support the GP Tax eight times.

The Liberals’ unfair 2014 Budget cuts:

  • Cut $57 billion from hospitals.
  • Cut $30 billion from schools.
  • Tried to cut pension indexation – along with their energy supplement cut single pensioners would have already lost $724, and couple pensioners would have lost $1,081.  
  • Tried to increase the pension age to 70.
  • Tried to cut family tax benefit supplements and cease family tax benefit for single parents when their kids turned six – a couple family with two children aged seven and 12 would be $3,501 worse off per year.
  • Tried to make young people wait 6 months to get Newstart – a cut of up to $7,339 for as many as 700,000 young Australians searching for a job.
  • Cut $35.5 million from the ABC – before a full cut of $254 million later that year and another $83.7 million in last year’s budget.
  • Tried to abolish ARENA and cut $1.3 billion in renewables research funding, as well as cutting $178.5 million in funding from science agencies like CSIRO.
  • And cut $500 million from Indigenous Affairs – then they rejected a Voice for First Nations.

The Liberals also cut the pension for over 370,000 pensioners, including kicking over 88,000 pensioners off the pension altogether.

After six years of cuts and chaos, it is time to vote the Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison Government out.

If you vote for Scott Morrison and the Liberals on 18 May, you are voting for more cuts, and more chaos.

Don’t give them another chance.

Vote them out. Vote Labor.