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Liberals have $6 billion of hidden cuts

May 13, 2019

The Liberals have $6 billion in hidden cuts that they are hiding from the Australian people until after this Saturday’s election.
The Liberals haven’t explained how they will pay for more than 40 election commitments worth more than $6 billion – including announced projects like East West Link and Project Freight Link.
The Government’s Budget rules clearly state that new spending measures will be more than offset by reductions in spending elsewhere within the budget”.
That means there are $6 billion of election commitments that must be paid for – and
$6 billion of hidden cuts to pay for them.
These cuts are the equivalent of:

  • 16,864 nurses a year for three years.
  • 2,961 hospital beds a year for three years.
  • 5,042 teachers a year for three years.

Morrison has already cut $700 million from hospitals and $14 billion from schools – and there are $6 billion of cuts to come.
What does he plan to cut after the election? Which schools and which hospitals? How many nurses and how many teachers?
This is what the Liberals do. They say they won’t cut before the election, and then they cut after the election.
Unlike Labor, which has released its full costings to pay for its promises, the Liberals are hiding the truth about their cuts.
It’s what Abbott did when he said he wouldn’t cut schools, hospitals and pensions.
And now it’s what Morrison is doing too.
We all know these cuts are just the beginning. Scott Morrison and the Liberals have done a desperate deal with Clive Palmer to sneak back into office, and they’ll give big business an $80 billion handout the first chance they’ll get.
If Scott Morrison can’t tell you what he will cut, then he doesn’t deserve your vote.
Only Labor will reverse Morrison’s cuts and deliver unity and stability.
End the cuts, end the chaos. Vote for change, Vote Labor this Saturday.