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Morrison must come clean on secret One Nation deal

April 24, 2019

Now that nominations have closed and candidates in each seat finalised, Scott Morrison has run out of reasons to avoid a very simple question: will the LNP give its preferences to One Nation?
Morrison has been tricky in pretending he has ruled out a preference deal with One Nation – he hasn’t.
He is sneakily letting LNP and Nationals candidates do secret side deals to hang onto their jobs.
And he hasn’t ruled out giving One Nation his preferences in the Senate.
Morrison must rule out any deal, in any seat, for any Liberal or National candidate, in any state – otherwise Australians will know he’s selling them out in a desperate attempt to get votes.
The LNP and One Nation vote together nearly 90 per cent of the time in Canberra. They vote together to cuts schools, cut hospitals, cut TAFE. Together they go soft on 457-style visas, and together they give handouts to multinationals and the top end of town.   
If you vote for the Liberal National Party, you get One Nation. And if you vote One Nation, you get the Liberal National Party.
Scott Morrison should be like John Howard and rule out a preference deal with One Nation.
And Michael McCormack should be like Tim Fischer and do the same.