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Revealed: Morrison backed big business tax cuts 250 times

May 10, 2019

Scott Morrison fought for his $80 billion big business tax handout at least 250 times when he was Treasurer.

Yesterday, Scott Morrison tried to insist he wouldn’t give multinationals and banks a massive tax handout – but no one believes him.

Don’t look at what he says now, look at his record. Giving $80 billion to the top end of town was Morrison’s main obsession for three years. 

Analysis of speeches in parliament, Question Time and media interviews reveals that as Treasurer, Scott Morrison backed his big business tax handout at least 250 times.

While he was talking up his tax handout to the top end of town, Scott Morrison was cutting $14 billion from schools and $700 million from hospitals.

And he voted for his big business tax handout 10 times in the Parliament.

The only reason Scott Morrison couldn’t give big business an $80 billion handout is because the Senate blocked it. But because of his desperate preference deal with Clive Palmer, Morrison could hand control of the Senate to Palmer after the election – a billionaire who will benefit big time from this multi-billion dollar giveaway.


Morrison and Palmer will vote together to give an $80 billion handout to big business, while they cut schools and hospitals.


If Morrison and Palmer form government, an $80 billion giveaway to big business will be at the top of their to do list.


We can’t risk Scott Morrison and the Liberals giving an $80 billion handout to the top end of town.