Opinion Pieces

You Can’t Believe a Word Scott Morrison Says About the Economy

13 April 2022

First published in The Australian

When most Australians think about the economy, they think about how everything is going up except their pay, and they know interest rate rises are about to be part of the pain. 

This Election is Your Chance to Strengthen Medicare

23 March 2022

First published in the Redland City Bulletin

As I move around our community, there’s one set of worries that get raised with me most – the skyrocketing costs of living.

Let's Make It Easier For Families To Make Ends Meet

10 March 2022

First published in the Beaudesert Times

On top of all the other price hikes, parents here in our community are being slugged by the second highest rise in child care costs in Queensland and the third highest rise in Australia.

A Flood Of Kindness

03 March 2022

First published in the Jimboomba Times

Through the deluge and the downpour, together we’ve experienced the very worst of Mother Nature and the very best of the Australian spirit.

Hardworking Locals Deserve A Pay Rise

28 February 2022

First published in the Jimboomba Times 

When was the last time you got a pay rise? It’s a simple question but the answer points to a problem that’s been holding back our community and economy long before the pandemic.

We Must Do Better For Older Australians

17 February 2022

First published in the Jimboomba Times 

Like you, I’ve been worried sick about our vulnerable friends and neighbours who’ve been battling Queensland’s largest COVID outbreak, and the essential workers caring for them.

Can’t Afford To Let Complacency Cruel the Recovery - Again

24 January 2022

First published in The Australian Financial Review

The worst consumer confidence since 1992 and the supply chain crisis amid the shortage of RATs shows that mismanaging the pandemic is mismanaging the economy.

It's Not Just The Cost Of RATs That Has Soared

21 January 2022

First published by the Courier Mail

Australians have been there for each other throughout this pandemic and done their bit, but they need a Prime Minister who is there for them and does his job.

The Right Kind of Recovery: Renewal Not Rorts

22 December 2021

First published in The Australian

As the difficulties of 2021 become the possibilities of 2022, it couldn’t be a more important time to take stock and try to renew and unite around genuine reasons to be optimistic about the future. 

More Certainty And Transparency For Clean Energy Investors

10 November 2021

First published in The Australian Financial Review

An underappreciated development from the Glasgow climate conference was the steps taken by our independent financial regulators towards providing more guidance on climate-related risks to our financial system and our economy.