Media Releases

Rate cut bolsters case for Labor tax changes

July 02, 2019

Today's interest rate cut bolsters the case for Labor’s tax cut proposal to get more money into workers’ hands sooner, to help the Reserve Bank boost the floundering economy.

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Tax package figures from Parliamentary Budget Office

June 28, 2019

Parliamentary Budget Office information revealed today shows $35 billion of the unlegislated tax package and $91 billion of the total tax package over the period to 2029-30 goes to people earning over $180,000.

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Labor proposes fast-tracked tax cuts and infrastructure investment to boost economy

June 24, 2019

Labor is today proposing a solution on the Government’s income tax package which would bring forward planned tax cuts and infrastructure investment to boost the floundering Australian economy.

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Liberals' economic credibility in tatters

June 05, 2019

Today’s National Accounts are a hammer blow to the Liberals’ economic credibility.

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Prime Minister knew he'd break tax cut promise

June 04, 2019

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been caught red-handed lying to voters about his election promise to deliver tax cuts for low and middle-income earners on July 1.

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Appointment as Shadow Treasurer

June 02, 2019

I’m pleased to be the new Shadow Treasurer in Labor’s very strong frontbench team and I’m grateful to Anthony Albanese for the opportunity to serve in this key role.

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