Opinion Pieces

Labor and the tools of success

November 20, 2013

It wasn’t Labor’s core principles that saw us defeated in 2013, but fragmented constituencies and an internal culture tainted by the politics of polls and personality. The fact we were thrashed by a Liberal Party bereft of positive plans and unable to cost or properly explain its policies necessitates serious soul-searching.

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Not Dead Yet - Response to Mark Latham's Quarterly Essay

October 30, 2013

Election night on 7 September 2013 brought devastation for the federal parliamentary Labor Party and its supporters. It saw some very talented representatives defeated by a big national swing that put a full stop on the Rudd-Gillard era.

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Labor should fight for economic mobility

October 11, 2013

Under either prospective leader, Labor should make intergenerational mobility a key part of the Opposition’s economic agenda, writes Jim Chalmers and Mitchell Watt.

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