Sky News 28/11/18

November 28, 2018

SUBJECT/S: Liberal chaos, division and dysfunction; Election timing; Labor’s united team; Economy not working for middle Australia; Labor’s reforms to unaffordable tax concessions.

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Doorstop - Canberra 26/11/18

November 25, 2018

SUBJECTS: Liberals out of excuses for record debt; Deloitte Budget Monitor; Victorian election; Liberals’ cuts and chaos; National Integrity Commission

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Doorstop - Logan 21/11/18

November 21, 2018

SUBJECTS: Public school funding; Labor’s investment in Griffith University Centre for Strong Foundations and Regional Innovation Data Lab, Labor’s commitment to the Healthy Harold program; Migration; Liberal Party infighting.

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Doorstop - Logan 5/11/18

November 05, 2018

SUBJECT/S: Scott Morrison’s cuts to Queensland; Bill Shorten listening to Queenslanders.

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Sky News AM Agenda 25/10/18

October 25, 2018

SUBJECT/S: US political violence; Labor’s plans for housing affordability; negative gearing; Rudd memoirs.

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Doorstop: Canberra, Monday 15 October 2018

October 15, 2018

SUBJECT/S: Polls; tax cuts for small and medium businesses; Five years of a united, stable Labor team; stopping discrimination against children; Wentworth by-election.

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