Sky News To The Point

July 05, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Election 2016; Division and disunity in the Liberal Party; Superannuation

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Sky News AM Agenda (15)

June 16, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Labor’s Steel Announcement; Nick Xenophon; Conservatives in the Liberal Party; Brexit; Greens political party.

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ABC RN Breakfast

June 08, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Royal Commission into Financial Services; Labor’s 10 Year Plan for Australia’s Economy

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SKY News AM Agenda (14)

June 02, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Liberals’ superannuation mess; National accounts

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Government's Superannuation Mess

June 01, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Government’s Superannuation Mess

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ABC NewsRadio

May 27, 2016

SUBJECT/S: Economic Debate; Labor’s Budget Priorities

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