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Labor commits $5 million to redevelop Box Hill City Oval

March 06, 2019

Shadow Minister for Finance Jim Chalmers and Labor Candidate for Chisholm Jennifer Yang have today announced a Shorten Labor Government will contribute $5 million to the redevelopment of Box Hill City Oval.

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Liberals pile on $435m in debt a day

February 22, 2019

New Government figures released today show the Liberals piled on a whopping $435 million dollars a day of net debt onto the nation’s credit card in January.

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Fact check: Fifield and Cormann delusional on NBN targets claim

February 18, 2019

If Mitch Fifield and Mathias Cormann were not sufficiently deluded in backing Peter Dutton for PM, they today made the ridiculous claim that NBNCo was continuing to exceed its targets!

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NBN Co chairman attempts to walk away from NBN valuation claim

January 29, 2019

The NBNCo Chairman has today attempted to carefully walk away from his claim the NBN could achieve a sale value of $50 billion, days after responses to a Senate Committee exposed his assertion for what it always was: third-rate nonsense.

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Queenslanders won't forget Morrison's cuts and chaos

January 28, 2019

If Scott Morrison thinks Queenslanders have forgotten about the cuts and the chaos he’s inflicted on our state, he’s even more out of touch than we feared.

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NBN chairman fails to substantiate bizarre claims about sale value of NBN

January 24, 2019

Following 92 days of attempting to circumnavigate its Chairman’s train of thought, NBNCo has failed to produce any evidence to support the Chairman’s claim that the NBN could achieve a market sale value of $50 billion.

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