Media Releases

Frydenberg Fabricating JobFaker Figures

18 January 2021

Again today the Treasurer has been sprung exaggerating the number of jobs flowing from his hiring credits program, which is only expected to create around 45,000 jobs and not the 450,000 he has claimed. 

Higher Savings Do Not Guarantee Jobs or Strong, Inclusive Recovery

14 January 2021

One of the reasons household savings have been higher than usual is because many people have been reacting to a lot of uncertainty.

Too Many Australians Stuck in Jobless Queues Ahead of Christmas

17 December 2020

New data shows a welcome increase in jobs, concentrated in Victoria where 80 per cent of new jobs were created, but more than 2.2 million Australians are still looking for work or more hours as the patchy recovery continues.

Morrison Government Leaving Hundred of Thousands of Workers Behind

15 December 2020

New ABS figures confirm that more than two hundred thousand jobs still haven’t “come back”.

Morrison's Hiring Credits Punish Long-Term Unemployed Australians

10 December 2020

The RBA has today confirmed in its December Bulletin that the Morrison Government’s hiring credit scheme will not help many of the people worst affected by long-term unemployment.

Morrison Breaks Promise on Banking Roal Commission, Putting Millions of Australians at Risk

09 December 2020

Nearly two years after the Banking Royal Commission’s final report, the Morrison Government has introduced legislation that will dismantle consumer protections, abandoning the report’s first recommendation.

Digital Reform Delay Drags On

09 December 2020

It is disappointing that the uncertainty and delay around the News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code will continue into 2021.

September GDP Numbers Cold Comfort for a Million Still Unemployed

02 December 2020

Today’s National Accounts have confirmed early signs of recovery following the worst quarterly economic contraction in Australian history and the first recession in 29 years.

OECD: Premature Cuts to Support Risk Jobs and Recovery

02 December 2020

The latest OECD Economic Outlook has warned the Morrison Government that premature cuts to vital support in the economy will hamper Australia’s recovery from the worst downturn in almost a century.