Media Releases

Jobs Crisis Intensifies

11 August 2020

New ABS data today confirms even more payroll jobs have been lost since the virus outbreak, during Australia’s first recession in three decades.

JobKeeper 3.0 Welcome Tweak But Not A Plan

07 August 2020

Labor welcomes the Government’s latest attempt to get the JobKeeper program right and we will work through the details of the announcement.

Unemployment Higher For Longer But Still No Plan

07 August 2020

The Reserve Bank’s latest Statement on Monetary Policy highlights the enormous scale of the jobs crisis facing Australia, with unemployment forecast to remain higher for longer.

RBA Interest Rate Decision (August 2020)

04 August 2020

Today’s statement by the Reserve Bank highlights the urgent need for a plan to tackle high and rising unemployment and a national approach to containing the virus outbreak.

Investment Collapsing But Still No Jobs Plan From the Morrison Government

03 August 2020

Today’s Investment Monitor from Deloitte Access Economics highlights the urgent need for a comprehensive plan to boost investment and create new jobs.

Progress on News Media Code Welcome But Regions Miss Out Again

31 July 2020

Labor welcomes progress to support Australian media businesses with the development of a mandatory news media code to address bargaining power imbalances with digital platforms.

Secret Retirement Income Review Must Be Released

27 July 2020

The Government must immediately release the Retirement Income Review that they received on Friday.

Liberals' Budget Update: No Plan for Jobs as Unemployment Soars

23 July 2020

Today’s incomplete budget update is a missed opportunity to outline a plan for the recovery and job creation, as Australians confront the first recession in three decades.

Australians Need Morrison to do a Better Job at JobKeeper 2.0

21 July 2020

Labor is inclined to support the changes being proposed for JobKeeper today and will work through the details of the announcement.

Small Businesses Can’t Afford For Morrison To Fall Short On Loan Relief Again

20 July 2020

The second attempt by the Morrison Government at its SME Guarantee Scheme needs to do a much better job of supporting small businesses than the first one did.