Media Releases

Australian Competition And Consumer Commission Chairperson

14 December 2021

Federal Labor notes the Morrison Government has nominated Ms Gina Cass‑Gottlieb as the next Chairperson of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and will now await the usual appointment process involving the states and territories.

No Action On Payments Or Crypto Before The Election

08 December 2021

Labor has consistently said that payments structures, cryptocurrencies and the broader financial system are changing rapidly, and governments need to catch up and keep up.

The Downturn We Didn't Have To Have

01 December 2021

Australia had the worst performing economy in the developed world in the September quarter - as a direct result of the Morrison Government’s incompetence.

Cost Of Rent Through The Roof

29 November 2021

Renters in our community are paying around $1,153 more this year to keep a roof over their head, making it harder and harder to get by when wages have flatlined and petrol prices have skyrocketed.

Labor To Build Better NBN In Our Community

22 November 2021

Labor has announced a new plan to make it easier for local kids to do their homework, mums and dads to work from home when they can, and for small and family businesses to grow and get ahead.

Real Wages Go Backwards As Petrol Prices Skyrocket

17 November 2021

Today’s new ABS data has shown once again that real wages are going backwards, leaving Australian working families struggling to put petrol in the car and food on the table.

More Than 333,300 Jobs Lost Since July

11 November 2021

While the Morrison-Joyce Government was preoccupied with its own infighting, another 46,300 Australians lost their jobs in October.

Labor Welcomes APRA and RBA Progress On Climate Disclosures

04 November 2021

Labor welcomes today’s moves by the independent financial regulators to provide further guidance on climate-related risks to the economy and financial system.

Budget Weighed Down By Waste, Rorts And Stagnant Wages

03 November 2021

In its latest Budget Monitor, Deloitte Access Economics confirms the significant challenges Australians face because of eight long and costly years of economic and budget mismanagement by the Liberals and Nationals.

High Court Ruling Another Morrison Mistake

03 November 2021

The Morrison-Joyce Government’s ill-conceived and rushed backpacker tax has been exposed again with the High Court finding it discriminated against workers from some countries that have a tax treaty with Australia.