Media Releases

Unemployed Australians Reaches Record High

16 July 2020

Unemployment has reached a record high with nearly one million Australians out of work, as highlighted by today’s Australian Bureau of Statistics labour force data.

600,000 Payroll Jobs Lost Since Virus Outbreak

14 July 2020

New ABS data today confirms that around 600,000 payroll jobs have been lost since the virus outbreak.

New Data Reveals Danger to Local Communities if JobKeeper Ends Too Soon

10 July 2020

New data shows cutting JobKeeper too early could have devastating consequences for workers, businesses and communities.

RBA Interest Rate Decision (July 2020)

07 July 2020

Today’s statement by the Reserve Bank highlights the significant uncertainty Australian businesses and workers are facing, and the need for ongoing economic support as the virus outbreak continues.

Morrison Needs a Plan to Support and Create Jobs: Deloitte

06 July 2020

Deloitte Access Economics’ latest report highlights the danger of a September snapback and the need for a real plan to grow the economy, create jobs and alleviate the devastation in the labour market.

Treasurer After Super Scheme Rorted, Frauded And A Million People Wrong: “We Got It So Right”

06 July 2020

New data shows that a million more Australians than anticipated have been forced to raid their retirement savings in the latest failure of the Morrison Government’s wildly botched, rorted and frauded early access super scheme.

Treasurer Should Come Clean on GST Hike

02 July 2020

Josh Frydenberg has again today repeatedly refused to rule out a hike to the GST in the middle of Australia’s first recession in three decades.

Secret JobKeeper Cuts a Risk to Thousands of Workers in Eden-Monaro

30 June 2020

New numbers reveal around 4,822 businesses and organisations in Eden-Monaro and an estimated 18,000 workers they employ are at risk if the Government withdraws JobKeeper support too early.

670,000 Payroll Jobs Lost Since Virus Outbreak

30 June 2020

New ABS data today confirms that around 670,000 payroll jobs have been lost since the virus outbreak.

IMF Warns Against Morrison’s “Snapback” Strategy

25 June 2020

The International Monetary Fund has warned against the sudden withdrawal of economic support, highlighting the dangers of the Morrison Government’s September “snapback” which could jeopardise the recovery before it even gets going.