Media Releases

Wages Growth Still At Record Lows

24 February 2021

New ABS data released today has confirmed that annual wages growth remains at record lows, following years of wage stagnation under the Liberals long before the pandemic.

Greater Certainty In The News Media Bargaining Code

23 February 2021

It’s good news the Government will be amending its legislation for the News Media Bargaining Code and that, as a consequence, Facebook intends to restore Australian news pages.

More Broken Promises Leave Millions Worse Off

18 February 2021

Another day, another broken promise from Scott Morrison on superannuation.

Banking Victims Ignored As Reforms Abandoned And Delayed

04 February 2021

Two years after shocking misconduct was revealed by the Banking Royal Commission only a third of the 76 recommendations have been implemented and are in force.

RBA Expects Weak Wages To Continue

03 February 2021

When the Reserve Bank Governor has again warned that “wages growth is the lowest in decades” and this is “likely to be with us for some time”, the Morrison Government’s highest priority is to cut take-home pay for Australia’s working families.

ABS Data Confirms More To Be Done On Jobs

02 February 2021

As the Morrison Government prepares to cut JobKeeper, new ABS figures confirm what Australians already know – the recovery from the worst recession in a century is patchy, and without the right economic supports too many workers will be left behind.

‘Exceptional Uncertainty' In Economy

27 January 2021

While the IMF’s new World Economic Outlook Update says prospects for global growth have improved, it still expects the international economy will be characterised by risk and uncertainty associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Frydenberg Fabricating JobFaker Figures

18 January 2021

Again today the Treasurer has been sprung exaggerating the number of jobs flowing from his hiring credits program, which is only expected to create around 45,000 jobs and not the 450,000 he has claimed. 

Higher Savings Do Not Guarantee Jobs or Strong, Inclusive Recovery

14 January 2021

One of the reasons household savings have been higher than usual is because many people have been reacting to a lot of uncertainty.

Too Many Australians Stuck in Jobless Queues Ahead of Christmas

17 December 2020

New data shows a welcome increase in jobs, concentrated in Victoria where 80 per cent of new jobs were created, but more than 2.2 million Australians are still looking for work or more hours as the patchy recovery continues.