Media Releases

Hiring Subsidy Leaves Another 928,000 Australians Behind

07 October 2020

There are 928,000 Australians who have been deliberately excluded from the Morrison Government’s new hiring subsidies in a move which will keep the unacceptably long jobless queues even longer.

One Trillion of Debt and Unemployment Still Too High For Too Long

06 October 2020

The Budget will rack up a trillion dollars of debt but still doesn’t do enough to create jobs, fails to build for the future and leaves too many Australians behind.

Digital Announcement - A Cash Re-Hash and Three Years Late

29 September 2020

Scott Morrison’s marketing-based approach to this jobs crisis in the middle of the worst recession in almost a century continues today with his three-year- late digitisation announcement.

Deloitte: Jobs Plan Needed to Fill Hole From Government Cuts

28 September 2020

A new report from Deloitte has called on the Government to develop a comprehensive plan for jobs, to fill the gap left by the Government’s cuts to vital support programs. 

Millions of Australians Worse Off From Morrison’s JobKeeper Cuts

28 September 2020

Today the Morrison Government is cutting JobKeeper payments to millions of Australians by at least $300 per fortnight in the middle of the deepest recession in almost a century.

Record Debt and Deficit But No Jobs Plan

25 September 2020

The 2019-20 Final Budget Outcome confirms a new record deficit and highest-ever debt but there’s still unacceptably high unemployment and no proper plan from the Government to turn this around. 

Labor Urges Government to Remember Banking Royal Commission When Drafting Lending Reforms

25 September 2020

Labor is deeply concerned that today’s announcement on changes to responsible lending obligations signals an intention to dump the recommendations of the Banking Royal Commission.

SMEs Still Waiting For a Plan

24 September 2020

Today’s insolvency announcement comes as the Morrison Government prepares to withdraw billions of dollars from small businesses and local economies around the country by prematurely winding back JobKeeper and JobSeeker.

Half a Million Jobs Lost

22 September 2020

New ABS figures out today have highlighted the jobs crisis confronting Australians, with 480,000 payroll jobs lost since the virus outbreak.

Nearly One Million Australians Unemployed

17 September 2020

Today’s ABS Labour Force figures confirm that nearly one million Australians are unemployed in the deepest recession in almost 100 years and in the absence of a jobs plan from the Morrison Government.