Media Releases

Treasurer Comes Up Short

01 September 2020

Today when asked in Question Time how much of the $314 billion in announced economic support has actually been delivered, the Treasurer could only get to $85 billion.

Treasurer Folds in the Face of Backbench Pressure on Super

30 August 2020

This morning Josh Frydenberg made it clear that he is preparing to cave to backbench pressure on the Superannuation Guarantee increase, while praising the widely frauded and rorted early access super scheme as a “wonderful success”.

Investment Crisis Intensifies But No Plan To Address It

27 August 2020

New ABS data today confirms capital expenditure continued its freefall in the June quarter in the absence of a comprehensive plan from the Morrison Government.

520,000 Payroll Jobs Lost

25 August 2020

New ABS data today confirms the jobs crisis is getting worse, not better, with 520,000 payroll jobs lost since the virus outbreak during Australia’s first recession in three decades.

Super Contributions Go Negative

25 August 2020

New APRA figures released today reveal that for the first time since compulsory superannuation was introduced three decades ago, quarterly net contributions to super accounts were negative.

Lack of Jobs Plan a Handbrake on Recovery

18 August 2020

RBA Minutes released today highlight the escalating jobs crisis facing Australia, with ongoing economic uncertainty putting Australia’s recovery at risk.

PM’s Broken Promise Would Smash Retirement Incomes

15 August 2020

If Scott Morrison goes back on his commitment to the long-promised, legislated, and overdue Superannuation Guarantee increases it will be an attack on workers and their standard of living in retirement.

More Than One Million Australians Unemployed

13 August 2020

Today’s ABS Labour Force figures reveal that more than one million Australians are unemployed for the first time ever, with 528,000 jobs lost since the virus outbreak.

Consumer Confidence Collapses

12 August 2020

New figures out today show that consumer confidence has collapsed again to levels not seen since the virus outbreak began.

Weakest Wage Growth In Three Decades

12 August 2020

New figures today reveal that wages growth has collapsed further in the middle of Australia’s first recession in 30 years, after already hitting record lows under this Liberals-National Government.