Media Releases

Millions On COVID Support Caught In PM's Crossfire

29 September 2021

As lengthy lockdowns continue across large parts of the country, the Morrison-Joyce Government has announced that they are ripping away support from millions of Australians.

Unemployment Rate Masks More Bad News For Out-Of-Work Australians

16 September 2021

As protracted lockdowns which are the direct result of the Morrison-Joyce Government’s failures continue across large parts of the country, these jobs numbers reveal more than 146,000 Australians have fallen out of the jobs market and the number of hours worked collapsed by 66 million. 

Sydney Jobs Lost Thanks To Morrison's Mistakes

10 September 2021

As Sydney’s COVID-19 health crisis deepens, working families across the city are hurting as a direct result of the Morrison-Joyce Government’s 18 months of failures on vaccines, quarantine, and economic supports.

Growth Slows, With More Pain To Come

01 September 2021

Today’s growth numbers show the economy was slowing even before the current lockdowns in Sydney and Melbourne, and things will get worse before they get better.

Frydenberg At The Wheel Of 'Pork And Ride'

11 August 2021

Josh Frydenberg is up to his neck in the Morrison Government’s shameless $660 million ‘pork and ride’ cash splash, promising four new car parks in his own electorate but delivering none.

Morrison's Vaccines Debacle The Biggest Risk To Recovery

06 August 2021

The Reserve Bank’s Statement on Monetary Policy has again highlighted that Australia’s economic recovery is hostage to Scott Morrison’s failures on vaccines and quarantine.

Jobs Lost Thanks To Bungled Vaccine Rollout

05 August 2021

As the nation’s COVID-19 health crisis deepens, more working Australian families are hurting as a direct result of the Morrison Government’s 18 months of failures on vaccines and quarantine.

Generational Debt Without A Generational Dividend

28 June 2021

The 2021 Intergenerational Report details the very long shadow cast by the Coalition’s eight long years of economic mismanagement – an economy that is smaller than expected, growing slower than expected, and leaves Australians saddled with 40 years of debt and deficits, and wages growth that has never been slower.

Government Fell $91 Billion Short of Last Intergenerational Report

24 June 2021

Every Australian is $8,000 worse off because Scott Morrison and Josh Frydenberg have fallen $91 billion short of their own Government’s economic targets, even before the pandemic.

Morrison and Frydenberg Are Risking The Recovery

02 June 2021

Today’s economic growth numbers are welcome and expected but this recovery, built on the substantial sacrifices of Australians, is put at risk by the Morrison Government’s dangerous failures on vaccinations and quarantine.